ART&M is a platform for Ukrainian consumer goods industry manufacturers: both acknowledged all over the world and those who are still unknown by a foreign consumer. The best Ukrainian designers from all over the country are on one resource – .
We think that everyone who has a talent and is creating authentic original things deserves to be well-known.

New fashion on our resource.

Ukrainian authenticity combined with ancient traditions, creative potential of our unbelievably talented designers – it all implemented in creative ideas and fresh look at modern fashion and latest style. The basis of all the products is traditional techniques and high quality of the production.

Nowadays Ukrainian fashion offers a unique, distinctive product with a tremendous potential. 25 years, while Ukraine has been writing its new independent history, is enough term to bring up a whole generation of manufacturers, designers and masters. A new generation has formed and now is ready to make a statement, multiplying Ukrainian heritage in world culture.

The last years were incredibly hard for Ukraine and at the same time the most productive in a matter of forming of national thought, ideas and fulfillment of creative potential of the country and its separate creators. Telling a maximally wide audience about the most interesting and talented is an important task, and our resource is going to accomplish it. Sometimes a person, creation or brands need only one thing – a chance. The opportunity just to tell the whole world about yourself is an important addition to talent, inspiration, persistence and efficiency.

Expand the boundaries with us!

ART&M is a project created to support domestic manufacturers because it gives an opportunity for all the creators to present their collections and lookbooks. Even without an outstanding and known all over the world name, all the independent designers can demonstrate their ideas along with acknowledged giants of European fashion industry.

Creativity can only be successful when it has its consumer. Art in fashion just for itself doesn’t make any sense, it needs recognition and implementation, that’s why every designer wants to see his creation in real life. Becoming a trendsetter, creating the latest trends – that’s the recognition every clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry designer wants to get.

Our target is, on one hand, to help Ukrainian manufacturers become successful and get opportunities for further development in the native country, and on the other hand – to give consumers as much as possible information about talented, avangard, unique designers and their art. ART&M is the most comfortable fashion clothes marketplace for manufacturers and all the fashion online – for buyers.

Uniting those who inspiringly creates with those, who is looking for something new and authentic in fashion and style, letting each site user step out of mass and find something really original and his own – this is what we strive for. Buying the designer things almost straight from the creators is an opportunity to catch all the designer trends before its popularity peak.

Exclusiveness and uniqueness are the main features of designer clothing all over the world. When we speak about the production of Ukrainian artists, it’s necessary to add the inimitable flavor of the items. Buying for yourself or your sophisticated clients on our resource will be very profitable as we offer you amazing prices! Designers of womenswear, shoes, and accessories, and also artists, who make products for men and children, present not only interesting solutions and trends in clothing but attractive discounts too.

Luxury, handmade, high quality – premium class of all the collections won’t leave any European fashion enthusiast indifferent.

The idea of an acquaintance of the world with Ukrainian fashion and light industry found many loyalists in different countries. Today we have the support of Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, and Representatives of the Great Britain and UAE Cultural Diplomacy.

Our power is in cooperation: we work under the patronage of the biggest Ukrainian platform of branch partnership in light industry affiliated with Designers Confederation.

Top designer brands from Europe offer you latest fashion trends, and you can learn everything from our platform ART&M.

ART&M for manufacturers

We offer a wide range of ART&M business instruments to the manufacturers including:

  • Online shop
  • Partnership and sponsorship programs
  • Educational programs for young designers
  • Programs of preparation of professional workers in sphere of light industry

Fashion gives an opportunity for a creator to look beyond commonness, to express your uniqueness, and ART&M provides an opportunity to get this vision across to customers all over the world. On our platform, young designers have an opportunity to get support, enter a professional community of Ukrainian clothes, shoes, and accessories manufacturers, find new ways and opportunities of creative potential and career development.

Who are we looking for?

  • Talented designers, “fresh faces” with unique ideas, which combine Ukrainian traditions and contemporary fashion trends. If the beauty and authenticity of Ukraine are felt in your models and you want to create, we offer you to join a grand project ART&M. We’ll help you find your path in world fashion industry and we wait from you inspired products that can inspire others. New fashion – that’s our target, we offer to create it together!
  • Domestic light industry manufacturers who produce a high-quality, competitive product using national technologies and traditions of producing. If you proudly mark your production “Made in Ukraine,” guaranteeing its high quality and safety, we are ready to make the entire world know that made in Ukraine is the best!

The project ART&M is an effective business model made to promote cooperation and development of talents from all over the country. The usage of innovations in fashion industry nowadays is a must, as latest technologies are what lets to unite all the admirers of style and beauty no matter what country and place they are in.